Monday, April 02, 2007


We are towards the end of an action packed March. There has been some happening. First in the series was the deplorable duel between the "state" and the judiciary. It was followed up with news that the federal prime minister had a "big-arm". The media was then taken to the task by the police for their blunt coverage of the said duel. Amid all this, the cricket team of Pakistan had reached Caribbeans and was all set to start its world cup campaign. As it turned out, participation in the world cup was a mere formality and it took 4 days for the 4th ranked team in the world to end its title hopes. Just when you thought that things could not be any worse, the worst thing happened - the coach of Pakistan cricket team was strangled to death. The news was followed up with Inzi's resignation.

While all the action was taking place, I was busy playing a "Business Analyst" – number crunching, slicing and dicing of the data to obtain useful trends and information. For a change, it was a nice experience but I'll be happier when I take this analysis from an excel spreadsheet to workable piece of software.

[The post was actually composed in March but the author's dreadful home dialup connection meant that it could not be posted until today.]