Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Another Bloody Basant

The day before yesterday, the residents of Lahore along with thousands of tourists celebrated the 'Basant' festival. Last year, the Punjab government had imposed a ban on kite flying - a rare commendable step. This year the kite flying was allowed for two days on 24th and 25th February. Many objected the relaxation in the ban knowing that it would attract several accidents risking many human lives. The concrened authorities turned a deaf ear to these voices and were adamant at giving it a go.

As it stands now, as few as 11 have died in various incidents. Fortunately this number is low as I had feared more. A school going 11 years old boy in my uncle's neighbourhood died as a sharp string cut his throat.

It's so disturbing to know that it was all imminent and yet nobody could prevent it. Who is to be held responsible for this manslaughter? - our reasonbly incapable leaders who lifted the ban, the law enforcement agencies who could not enforce the law, you and I who could not do anything except writing in the media and on the blogs.

There is something seriously wrong with all of us as a nation. We need to fix our attitudes before its too late.