Monday, May 21, 2007

May 12!

You didn't have to be a political pundit to predict what was going to happen on May 12 in Karachi. Even a novice like me knew that the bloodshed was on but surprisingly the Sindh and the Federal government was too naïve to know it. Funny!

Back in 1999 when Gen. Musharraf took over the charge of the country as the Chief Executive of Pakistan, I wasn't particularly concerned. I had earlier seen the regime of the two most eminent political parties i.e. PML and PPP, not only once but twice. Their lackluster performance at the office made me think that the change was for better. I thought a military man in uniform would be able to address some key issues that the democratic forces could not e.g. building the damns to make sure our future wasn't dark, reducing corruption in the society etc.

Now, almost 8 years down the road, I am disillusioned by Mr. Mush's performance. Now I understand why people say that a man in uniform can never be the right person to lead the country because his own interests to save his neck take precedence over the interests of the country hence the May 12 mayhem.