Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Brand New Start

It is exactly a year ago when I started writing this blog and it is such a shame that I was able to update it only twice throughout this period. Although I have not been an active blogger but I refuse to accept that it was a bandwagon effect that brought me to blogging. I was purposefully here. Anyways, It's a new year and I plan to give a brand new start to my blogging life. Hopefully I'll be around often this time.

As for 2006, my word! what a year it has been for me. Some of the events that took place in this year may have long term repercussions on what I do professionally (and otherwise) in years to come. I am tipped to 'Discover Life on the Last Line of Defense' - only if you know what I mean :) That said, God knows better what lies ahead.